Ganges Adventure Itinerary

Day 1 Fly
Day 2 Arrive. We stay at the unique and sumptuous Imperial Hotel situated in the heart of New Delhi. A welcome meeting and some time to explore (or relax) depending on arrival time of plane.
Day 3 Delhi. A tour of some of Delhi’s excellent attractions plus some of the less well known areas.
Day 4 To Fategarh. T&P hires an exclusive bus to take us out to the river. First glimpses of rural India. Fategarh is rarely visited by tourists. We stay at the basic Hindustani Hotel and get the boats packed.
Day 5 First day of Paddling. Out onto the river.
Day 6 Paddling
Day 7 Paddling
Day 8 Paddling
Day 9 Arrive Kanpur. Kanpur is a busy industrial city known for it’s leather goods. We stay at the. Time for a beer, shower and unwind from the heat of the river. T&P staff will be busy re-supplying the food barrels and showing members the sights. We visit the All Souls Church a monument to those lost in the Mutiny. Two full days to launder clothes, explore and relax.
Day 10 Explore Kanpur
Day 11 Explore Kanpur
Day 12 Transfer back onto the river
Day 13 Paddle
Day 14 Paddle
Day 15 Paddle
Day 16 Paddle
Day 17 Arrive Allahabad. Home of the Kumb Mela, largest festival on earth. The Yatrick has
Day 18 Explore Allahabad
Day 19 Allahabad
Day 20 Transfer to Mizapur, back on the Ganges
Day 21 Paddle
Day 22 Paddle
Day 23 Arrive Varanasi
Day 24 Explore Varanasi
Day 25 Transfer to Agra by train
Day 26 Agra
Day 27 Transfer to Delhi by minibus
Day 28 Delhi
Day 29 Fly
Day 30 Arrive home!